Arthur’s creation

The Arthur’s brand embodies the spirit and the style of its creators, Dominique Mottas and Nicole Codourey.

Interior Design

Interior design and lay-out have always been key elements in the success of the group’s cafés, bars and clubs, and they always carry the unmistakable signature of Nicole Codourey.
Nicole draws her inspiration from the worlds of fashion, art and graphic design as well as the great outdoors, avoiding stereotypes and shaking up established conventions to put her own stamp on a location.
Nicole has a great attention to detail and always seeks out the right balance between comfort and finesse and between extravagance and subtlety to give a location its own personality and style.


The Arthur’s Creation design and visual communication studio is responsible both for the image and the communication tools of all the various companies within the Arthur’s Group.
It has designed all of the visuals and multimedia tools for the various Willi’s and Arthur’s establishments as well as for a whole host of public and private events which they have hosted :
The design and concept of this site are an example of Arthur’s Creation.